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Crane Runway Repair

Structural Design Corporation (SDC) is an industry leader in the inspection and design of EOT Crane Runways with over 20 years of steel industry experience.  We have developed procedures and software to inspect, evaluate, design, and repair any type of crane runway.

Our Structural Inspection and Maintenance Management System (SIMMS) is used to perform inspections, write inspection reports, and develop condition based repair plans.  SIMMS can interface with mill CMMS Systems to upload the inspection data and automatically write work orders based on repair priority.

SDC has developed a computer program to evaluate and design crane girders that is unique in the industry.  We perform a full torsional analysis of the crane girders that includes warping normal and warping shear stresses.  The traditional AIST Technical Report No.13 analysis does not adequately address the affects of torsion on unsymmetrical crane girder cross sections.

It is our experience that torsion is the root cause of weld or base metal failure for crane girders designed with cap channels and thrust plates.  The torsional analysis is performed by using Microsoft Access since database technology is required to account for all of the applied gravity, lateral, and torsional loads.  The analysis is made more complex by the different effective cross sections specified in AIST Technical Report No.13 for performing fatigue analysis. 

SDC's crane girder program can also be used to determine the total lateral thrust, including the torsional thrust, when specifying new Gantrex Crane Girder Tie-Backs. It is important to use the total lateral thrust to properly design the tie-back connections to both the crane girder and building column.

SDC was aided by Professor Theodore Galambos from the University of Minnesota in determining the warping properties of an arbitrary crane girder cross section.  SDC is currently working with Professor Galambos in development of computer programs to perform 2-step and 3-step column analysis.  The column analysis will include linear and rotational springs to model in the affects of building flexibility in crane runway repair and design.

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