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Current SDC Mill Building Research Projects

Structural Design Corporation (SDC) is an industry leader in the inspection and design of EOT Crane Runways with over 20 years of steel industry experience.  We have developed procedures and software to inspect, evaluate, design, and repair any type of crane runway.

One of our clients asked us to determine if the lateral stiffness of a series of old mill building with step columns was adequate to prevent the cranes from inducing a large building sway.  Some of the columns were 2 step and some were 3 step columns since the crane runways were at different elevations.

SDC is currently working with Professor Theodore Galambos from the University of Minnesota in development of computer programs to perform 2-step and 3-step column analysis.  The column analysis will include linear and rotational springs to model in the affects of building flexibility.  Our goal is to determine the affects of building flexibility in crane runway repair and design.