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Frequently Asked Questions

SDC has worked with steel mill plant engineering and maintenance for over 20 years repairing EOT Cranes and EOT Crane Runways.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Does the crane cause problems with the building elements or does the building cause problems with the crane?
A: Generally the cranes cause problems with the building.  Most of the damaged crane girders will be found where material is moved throughout the building.  However, the building can become distorted due to lack of lateral stiffness or thermal movement.  This movement can create misalignment of the crane girders and rails.

Q: What is the root cause of a crane girder failure?
A: It is our experience that torsion causes most crane girder failures.  The torsional stresses are not secondary and when included in a fatigue analysis the crane girders can develop base metal cracks, weld cracks, or become warped.